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Decluttered: Jan. 30th!


Decluttered: How to make room for God with a busy schedule and a crowded heart!

It never fails. We get stuck pushing God to the back of the line because something comes up with our family, friends or work. It's not that we don't want God in our lives. It's just that we don't know how God is supposed to fit into our lives with everything else going on.

Join us at Decluttered, presented by Dan Tarrant, and be surprised by the simple Biblical truths that will place God at the center of it all right now in the midst of a busy schedule and a crowded heart!


Join us Thursday January 30th at 10am or 7pm  (the same presentation will be given at both times) at the Olde Saint Andrew Church in Newtown PA! The 10am session will end at 11:30am and the 7pm session will end at 8:30pm.

Who is invited?

This session is for any adult looking to declutter your spiritual life! 

A special invitation is extended to the Saint Andrew Catechists and Volunteers to refresh them for their work this spring as well as to the Saint Andrew School Parents.

If you join us on January 30th you will get a condensed version of the series of talks that will be given to the Summer Rel. Ed. Parents this spring!

Sign Up!

Simply email Dan Tarrant at or Cathy DeRico at to let us know you are coming!